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Experimental study and analysis of micro holes machining in EDM of 304 Stainless steel

Fig-Entry and exit SEM micrographs of micro holes machined at 150 μs/2 A/40 V

• Based on the study the parameter combination for higher MRR is pulse on time of 200µs, voltage of 40V and current of 4A.

• Based ANOVA Pulse on time is the most signifiacnt parameter for MRR,TWR and OC which are contributing 50.2% ,93.44% and 53.58% respectively

Experimental study using Cryogenic Treated Tool on Tungsten Alloy through EDM

This study focus on drilling of holes on difficult- to- cut material namely tungsten alloy using of cryogenic treated and non cryogenic treated electrode materials. The experiments were conducted in ZNC sparkonix EDM. The output performance such as Tool Wear Rate (TWR), Material Removal Rate (MRR), Overcut (OC), Taper Angle (TA) and Machining time is measured and recorded for detailed analysis.

• Based on the conducted experiments Cryogenic Treated Cu electrode shows significant improvement in TWR and overcut compared to Brass electrode.

• Based on the SEM micrographs it is evident that compared to Cu electrode for the same machining condition the treated electrode produces least number of cracks.

SEM micrograph of machined hole (Conditions: CT Cu electrode, Current: 6A, Voltage: 5V, Pulse on Time: 150μs)& SEM micrograph of machined hole (Conditions: Cu electrode, Current:6A Voltage:5V, Pulse onTime: 150 μs)