The Department of Mechanical Engineering is recognized as a Research Centre by Anna University Centre for Research. In our Department has a Six Ph.D Holders and Four of our Faculty Members Pursuing their Ph.D at various Areas.

A few research areas in which the faculty members are pursuing their research are mentioned below:

• Micro-machining

• Non-traditional Machining Processes

• Manufacturing Technology

• Lean Manufacturing

• Welding Technology

• Composite Materials

Our Institution has the research facilities to help students and faculty to pursue research. The Research and Development cell gives required guidance/ support for getting research projects and also to complete the research assignments with in the scheduled time. The principal investigator of funded projects encouraged in all aspects to complete the projects.

And the Faculty Members have been published more than 160 papers in the refereed journals, National and international conferences during the last Three Years. And our Institution encourages the faculty Members to apply for Research grants to various funding agencies such as AICTE, UGC, DRDO, CSIR, DST, TNSCST, etc.