MBA - Phd




The Research centre for management studies aims to nurture and train qualified and best talents to become eminent researchers of the future by providing extensive opportunities for staff and students to pursue research and development activities. It focus on new and emerging areas of research and education to enhance core competencies


• To support quality research initiatives that emerge from the academia and industry

• To encourage internal faculty members to pursue doctoral programs in management and inter-disciplinary subjects - to enable them to keep pace with the industry demands

• To mobilize the knowledge resources available for research and to come up with innovative solutions.

Our Values

Excellence: To be distinguished as a quality academic research center

Team Work: To work together as a team with our faculty & initiate our students to undertake research in various domains

Quality: To carryout the research work is distinguished as a quality academic institute and the best R & D Center.

Mr. S.Arun Kumar Davay, Industrial Economist, Chennai interacting with the participants in the Seminar on Essential Tools for Quality Research

Mr.A.B.Sivakumar Chief Executive - M/S Sankalp management Chennai interacting with the participants in the workshop on A march towards Digital India and its Impact on Indian Economy

Mr.S.K.Jayashankar, Director, Reap Max Consultancy Pvt., Ltd.,Chennai interacting with the participants about Emerging issues in Stock Analysis

Dr.Uma Sreedhar, Professor and Head, Department of OB and HRM, ICFAI Business School, Bangalore interacting with the participants in the Guest Lecture on Management Research

Dr.P.Vikkraman, Director, School of Management Studies, Anna University of Technology, Coimbatore interacting with the participants in a special lecture on Research Methodology.