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S.No. Date Nature of Programme Title of the Programme Name of the Resource person
1 12.08.2015 Alumni Interaction Android Development in Real Time N.Manivel and B.Rahul
Team Leader
Acures Solution
2 13.08.2015 Inauguration Inauguration of EMC Center for Academic Excellence-Data Science and Big Data Shri. Abhijit Sreenivas
3   04.09.2015 Inauguration Associations
WIPRO (Oracle Lead)
4 05.09.2015 Workshop Workshop on Big Data in ORACLE RAC Dr.N.Staalinprasannah
WIPRO (Oracle Lead)
5 02.09.2015
Value added course Java Programming Mr.K.Vengatesan
Associate Professor/CSE
6 07.09.2015
Value added course .NET Programming Mr.K.Vengatesan
7 07.09.2015 Alumni Interaction Script Language uses in IT Field Della Daid
Software Engineer
8 09.10.2015 Alumni Interaction L&T-Career Guidance G.Manoj Kumar
Project trainee L & T
9 14.10.2015 Alumni Interaction WIPRO-Career Guidance S.Dhanapriya
Project trainee WIPRO
10 23.01.2016 Guest Lecture Knowledge Interference Mr.J.Naveen
Research Scholar Dept of Computer Applications National Institute of Technology, Trichy
11 10.09.2015
Value added course Adobe Photoshop Mr.M.Sayeekumar,
12 02.09.2015 to
Workshop Wireless sensor Network 1.Dr.T.Purusothaman,
Department of CSE, GCT, Coimbatore
2.Dr.K.Batri, Dept of ECE, PSNA College of Tech, Dindigual
13 21.10.2015 Seminar Multi Core Programming Prof.A.S.Prabaharan
14 08.01.2016
Faculty Development Program Introduction to PHP Mr.Charles George
15 25.01.2016
Short-Term Training Program (STTPS) Open source Software Development and Its Engineering Fields 1.Dr.N.P. Gopalan, Professor, Department of Computer Applications
National Institute of technology,
Tiruchirapalli-620015,Tamilnadu 2.Dr.S.Mary Saira Bhanu, Associate Profssor,
Department of Computer Applications
National Institute of technology,
Tiruchirapalli-620015, Tamilnadu
16 06.02.2016 Workshop Computational Intelligence Dr.R.Manjula devi
Kongu Engineering College
17 13.02.2016 Seminar Software Testing and Automation Shri.N.Mahesh kumar, Investment data Analyst, Investment Board, olympia, Washington
18 24.02.2016 Workshop-Spoken Tutorial Project –IIT Bombay Java Programming IIT spoken Tutorial Website
19 26.02.2016 EDC Incubation and Entreneurship Shri.K.Siva Rama Prasad,
Assistant Director (MET)
MSME Development Institute, Ministry of MSME Govt. of India, Chennai
20 24.03.2016 National Level Technical Symposium FESTINNOVA‘16 Shri.Vengatesh Dorai
Technical Architect
CGI, Bangalore
21 18.03.2016
International Conference on Engineering Technology and Science ICETS’16 Dr. L. Mohan,
Prof/Dept of Civil, IIT-Chennai


S.No. Date Nature of Programme Title of the Programme Name of the Resource person
1 19.07.2014 Alumni Interaction Motivation and Awareness for Placement Ms.N.Vinotha,
System Engineer TCS, Chennai
2 26.07.2014 Inauguration of Association Activities and Workshop Workshop on “How to go about writing an IEEE journal” Mr.Dr.T.Ilamparithi, EMS Engineer/Research, OPAL-Rt Technologies, Banglore
3 16.08.2014 Workshop Workshop on Data mining: Techniques and Tools M.Elakiya Elamaran, AP/CSE, EGS Pillay Engineering College, Nagapattinam
4 23.08.2014 Seminar Big data Mr.R.Tamilanban,
Project Engineer, WIPRO Technologies,
5 11.09.2014
Value added course Mobile App Development Mr.N.Anand,
Assistant Professor/CSE
6 13.09.2014 Alumni Interaction Alumni Meet -2014 1.Shri K.Purushothaman Senior Director, NASSCOM, Chennai
2.Shri B.Anbuthambi, Vice President, ICT Academy of Technology
7 10.10.2014 Alumni Interaction Interview Tactics Mr Kamaljith,
SystemEngineerTrainee, TCS, Chennai
8 12.11.2014 EDC A Start For Startups Shri.L.Narayanan,
Chief Executive Officer,
M.R.Colour Lab & Studio, Erode
9 10.12.2014 to 12.12.2014 FTP Android Development Application Mr.C.Aravindan, Launchpad Trainer
10 27.12.2014 Alumni Interaction Process & Projects in CTS A.Parithimani,
SoftwareAnalyst, CTS, Chennai
11 15.12.2014 to 19.12.2014 Workshop Wipro Mission 10X Engineering Faculty & Students S.L.Satheesh, Mission 10X, Wipro
12 02.02.2015 Seminar Android Technology Mr.M.Ramkumar,
Knowledge Institute of Technology
13 02.02.2015 Alumni Interaction Opportunities for Fresher J.Hari Prasanth,
Junior Software Test Engineer, Chennai
14 13.02.2015 Alumni Interaction Opportunities for Bank Sector A. Prasanth
Bank Exam Trainer,
Iris Academy, Chennai
15 03.03.2015 Symposium Sym-Tri-Net’15 Dr.N.P.Gopalan, Professor/CSE, National Institute of Technology, Trichy
16 29.03.2015 & 30.03.2015 International Conference MULTICON-15 Shri.S.Bhanukumar, Director, WinVinaya Infosystems, Chennai
17 04.09.2014 Special Lecture Distributed Database Mrs.J.Preetha, Asst.Prof. /CS


S.No. Date Nature of Programme Title of the Programme Name of the Resource person
1 06.07.2013 Alumni Interaction Role of Computer Engineer in Industry 1.S.Karthick, Project Engineer, Wipro Bangalore
2. S.Jeevamurgan, Project Engineer, Wipro, Bangalore
2 01.08.2013 Inauguration Inauguration of Association Activities Mr.Praveen Samariya Advisor, Nurture Talent Academy, Delhi
Mr.M.N.K.Anish kalairaj,
Co-founder-seya soft& Co-founder Nurture Talent Academy,
3 01.08.2013 & 02.08.2013 Workshop Mobipreneur Workshop and Competition 1.Mr.Praveen Samariya Advisor, Nurture Talent Academy, Delhi
2.Mr.M.K.N.Anish Kalairaj
Co-Founder Seya Soft & Co-Founder NatGom, Chennai
4 27.08.2013 Alumni Interaction Innovation Corner Mr.V.Sangeeth Kumar, Senior US IT Recruiter, Swift Solution, Andhra Pradesh
5 10.09.2013 Seminar System Software 1.Mrs K.Sudha AP/CSE
2.Mrs M.Ganthimathi AP/CSE
6 20.09.2013 & 21.09.2013 Symposium SYM_TRI_NET’13 Shri.T.Saravanan Tech Lead, Yahoo, Banglore
7 23.10.2013 EDC Paths to Entrepreneurial Success Shri.N.Sivanesan,
Federation of Trade & Industry Association of Erode, Erode
8 05.11.2013 Special Lecture Web Technology Prof R.Vijayalakshmi
9 23.01.2014
Value added course, Mr.S.Pragadeeswaran,
Assistant Professor/CSE
10 28.01.2014 FDP Cloud and Green Computing Dr.T.Purusothaman,
Department of CSE, GCT, Coimbatore
11 01.02.2014 Alumni Interaction Motivation and Awareness for Placement 1.S.Karthick, Project Engineer, Wipro Bangalore
2. S.Jeevamurgan, Project Engineer, Wipro, Bangalore
12 11.02.2014 Workshop Spoken Tutorial Project –IIT Bombay IIT spoken Tutorial Website
13 17.02.2014 Inaugural Speech Inauguration of GEMS Cub Shri.C.Dhilip,
Full Stack Engineer of Launchyard, Bangalore.
14 22.02.2014 Workshop Latest Trends on Microsoft Web Technologies 1.Mr. Madhan Seran, Associate ConSultant, CGI, Banglore
2. Mr.Anand Petchimuthu,Senior Analyst, CGI, Banglore